The “Tend’r Rollers®” system provides the most innovative tender launching system in the marine industry today. With our system, there is no need to mount, dismount or store your outboard motor or gas tank.

Using the manual 316 stainless steel hand winch or power winch, the system gently lowers your tender and outboard from your swim platform into the water, and away you go.

Reverse this procedure and the tender and outboard are rolled onto your swim platform.

Our “Tend’r Rollers®“, system was designed by a boater, for boaters, with one thought in mind: to make it easy and effortless for launching and retrieving your tender and or personal watercraft.

The “Tend’r Rollers®” system is designed to handle weight in three categories:

  • Standard Light – up to 475lbs. wet
  • Standard Heavy – up to 750lbs. wet
  • Super Heavy – up to 1200lbs. wet

However, the specifications of your transom or swim platform may be weight limited below the capabilities of the Tend’r Roller® system. You should confirm the weight limitations of your transom or swim platform to prevent overloading.



The system was designed to be adaptable for most types of vessels and can be removable only on our standard system. Engineered to be reversible, with the extra set of pads provided, you can launch or retrieve your tender from either port or starboard side of your swim platform. Be advised excessive weight of tenders and motors will affect the performance of your vessel, and can be a matter of safety.

Optional Quick Release Pads Are Available

content_68 Just pull the pin, remove your Tend’r Roller® system and your swim platform is free and clear.
MVC-046F When your tender is stowed on our system, the outboard motor skeg is tucked in neatly between the two entry rollers. There are two stern straps with snaps, a bow winch strap and a safety strap that will secure your tender. So there is no need for any other tie downs.

With Our System Your Stern View Is Unobstructed

content_5 The extended “Tend’r Rollers®” system was designed to be used on shorter swim platforms to enable use of your swim platform, but can also be used on larger swim platforms to create boarding space, either port or starboard. Our extended system is not removable, as struts are required to accommodate the extended load.

Our system is in two parts, so that when your tender is launched, the center part of your swim platform is unobstructed.

The water tight, threaded mounting pads are supplied with our system for fibreglass or wood swim platforms.


Constructed of 316 Marine Grade Stainless Steel, polished to a mirror finish, this unit provides the most durable and corrosion resistant “Tend’r Rollers®” System available to the boater.


Installation of our Tend’r Rollers® system is a relatively simple process, easily undertaken by a qualified person. Simple step by step installation instructions with a full size drill pattern are enclosed with the system.

Caution: While the Tend’r Rollers® system is inherently safe, if used correctly and according to instructions, Anchor Welding Inc. and Sea Weed® Marine Products, manufacturers of the Tend’r Rollers® system will not be responsible for any personal injury or property damage however caused, including but not limited to, incorrect installation, overloading or improper use of the system or the boat or platform on which it is installed.

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